KapiDan  is created as a platform to share ideas with young people about five key areas which are Field, Finances, Food, Fun and Fitness. We as a couple feel that it is important to give back to the society. This blog would be our ‘Seva’ to society.

For those who are young and looking to make a career in the corporate sector, you can read the Field site of the blog.

For those who are foodies like us  can get some tips and tricks on places with good food and how to prepare easy and healthy meals on a busy work day.

Fun is where the Kapidan team will share interesting places to visit and chill. Finances will be all about sharing tips and tricks to having better financial management skills to achieve your financial goals. Lastly, the fitness section will talk about exercise and healthy living tips that might be helpful to all in this stress filled world.

The hope is that every individual can get something positive out of reading the blogs here and help someone else from the knowledge gained here.

Stay happy, healthy and blessed..