Art for All-Wall Art Design

Finally I have decided to post something on the ‘Fun’ section of this blog and I am excited that it is about art. My mom introduced me to the world of art and I have loved it since then. A lot of my friends think art is only for certain people but I keep telling them anyone can paint and draw. I know what I am saying may sound cliché so since actions speak louder than words, I am going to show all of you how art can be for all.

Today I will share with you the method to make your own simple wall art design to give that special pop to you room. Let’s get started!

Step 1:

You will need to have:

  1. Black sugar paper
  2. Glue
  3. Gold and Silver Markers
  4. Scissor


Step 2:

Depending on the size of the wall art you would want, you can measure accordingly and cut. I have measured mine and cut out the size I need.



Step 3:

Now you can create the design. As shown below you will draw this design from the top right corner of your black sugar paper. You can either start with gold or silver. I have decided to start with gold.


Step 4:

Then you will create the same design branching out from the first design and this will be silver because I did gold earlier. It will look like the design below.


Step 5:

Keep creating the same branch design till the entire black sugar paper is filled as shown below:




Step 6:

Now we will add some finishing touches to the design to add beauty to it. Start by drawing a leaf from the branch. If the branch is gold the leaf on the branch will be silver and vice versa. Keep adding leaves till the whole paper is filled. See the illustration below.




Step 7:

Lastly, we will add some gold and silver dots all around the paper. There is no rule to this and you can add your dots the way you like it. I have done mine as shown below.



Step 8:

Once you are happy with the way the art looks you can put the glue and stick your design on the wall. I have stuck mine behind my bed wall as you can see in the image below.


The cool part about this design is that it will look good on any type of wall colour because black background looks nice on any colour. So there you have it, a simple wall art for you to try. I hope you enjoy doing this at home 🙂



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