A New Journey..

I recently graduated from my Management Associate programme and am feeling very good and accomplished at this stage. It is during this good feeling stage that it dawned on me that over the course of my two year programme with my company, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that will be of use to future aspiring graduates. Hence, I have decided to have a section in this blog to talk about the professional life and what it takes for a young aspiring graduate to remain cool, calm and collected while navigating the shaky waters of the jungle we all call corporate.

To all you young graduates out there, I will provide tips on what exactly the corporate sector looks for in young graduates and how to be happy and contented with the work you do. You will learn the purpose of all the online assessments companies ask you to take and how to ace your assessment centre sessions. You will also be told key skills a young graduate should build to stand out from the rest and what kind of characteristics defines a future talent for organisations. Then other parts of the blogs will focus on doing well in your job and how to discover your strength and what you are good at.

I am a firm believer of the saying ‘Knowledge is universal and does not belong to anyone.’ So what I can do to help another person just warms my heart. Growing up in a developing nation, I know how income disparity causes inequality in the education and exposure some people get growing up. Due to lack of exposure and input some may lose out on the opportunity to polish themselves up in terms of presentation and ways of communication. Hence, one of the key goals I have with this blog is to help those that may not have access to a good educational counsellor or mentor to teach them how to groom themselves for the job they want.

But not to worry, this blog will also have topics in the areas of food, fun, fitness and finance. Some of the post may be written by my partner who will be the guest writer of this blog (By the way, he is a way better writer than me and has a superb flair with his words when put into writing) So some days you guys may be blessed with an interesting post by him 😉

So let’s start this new journey and see where it takes us 🙂



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